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“WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I have to tell you we all love what we do whether there are gift bags or not, but to be appreciated by strangers, really made us feel special.” -J.J., Radiation Therapist

Corporate Sponsors

7129 Okelly Chapel Rd, Cary, NC
3151 Apex Peakway, Apex, NC
Out of the Garden- Sandra Homes

Want to get involved? Here’s how!

Donate Funds

By far this is the best way to support our mission. By donating funds we can apply the resources to bulk orders, priority items, clearance sales, and packaging. We are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT volunteer run so every dollar you donate goes directly to our mission. With a $25.00 donation you can fill FOUR blessing bags. With a $50.00 donation you fill NINE blessing bags. With a $100.00 donation you fill TWENTY bags for our essential workers and community helpers. We are a nationally recognized Nonprofit under section 501(c)(3)* so your generous gift is tax deductible!!! Click HERE to donate directly to us or, to send a check, email us for our mailing address.

Want to donate, but are short on extra cash? Shop with us on Amazon Smile! Same products, same prices, but Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase to Olive Tree. Get started HERE!

*For a copy of our Nonprofit determination letter please email

Donate Products

What We Love!- We want our essential and community workers to feel valuable and appreciated! We love self care luxuries for men and women: Small luxury lotions, soaps, powders, bath bombs, lip balms, spa masks, stress balls, bath poofs, and anything that would help someone relax after a long day! We also have an Amazon wish list so you can shop and send products right from home. Check it out HERE.

What happens if we get something that is not great for use in our bags? We partner with local shelters and crisis centers and donate products we can’t use to help those struggling with homelessness, addiction, and abuse. These products include: Hotel toiletries, full size toiletries, store brand items, and most food items. If you would like to donate these types of items we will GLADLY take them and distribute to our local shelters.

What we DO NOT accept- Expired food items, Items that have been opened or partially used, items that are or can easily be used as weapons (pocket knives, scissors, razors, cutting tools, etc.), alcoholic beverages. If you have a question if your donation would be accepted please feel free to call or email us.


Do you own a business and want to support our mission? We happily accept monetary grants and gifts-in-kind of products we can use in our bags. To show our appreciation we will list your business on our Sponsors page as well as our Facebook page. For larger Grants a “Donated By…” tag will be added to our bags with your Company name and logo. Please email or call us for more information!


Are you in the Raleigh-Durham Area? From time to time we can use help packing, tagging, and delivering bags. We also can use professional services such as accounting and Nonprofit Law. How would you like to help?

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