About Us

Our Director, Suzanne Tarry

An inspired concept

I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and child of God. Like most of you, I was just sitting in my house not knowing what to do or how to help when the Covid-19 pandemic began. There were so many restrictions, and so much fear. I couldn’t imagine being in a job where I was constantly exposed to the potential for infection. And moreover, those who WILLINGLY went to work to help those in need, often ignoring protocols just to help their clients. One night in late March a lightning bolt idea hit me.   I COULD do something to help, not directly, but through caring for those doing the hard jobs while I stayed home. 

Olive Tree blessing bags began as a small neighborhood project to show support for local Essential and community workers, but quickly I realized it needed to be bigger. I instantly started working: reading & studying, securing the necessary paperwork, documentation and funding, and filing form after form after form with the federal and state governments. Once we were incorporated and established as a 501c3 Nonprofit, we started out serving a couple of Dr. offices We then set our sights on the staff at local Homeless shelters, Food Banks, Crisis centers, Covid nurses, and addiction centers. These people were, and are, working tirelessly to continually provide services for their clients despite the risk to their own health.

With the community’s help we have been able to deliver 3,142 blessing bags to these deserving men and women.

You can help too! Visit our Donation page to find out more.

Many Blessings,


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