“I think what may be most touching is that you are letting those doing tough work know that they are being thought about…that people notice and appreciate. Means a lot.” -Chris Budnick, Executive Director, Healing Transitions

Our Mission

Olive Tree Blessing Bags is committed to sharing encouragement, support, appreciation, and relaxation with our country’s essential and community workers.

For information on our Weddings Fund Raiser please visit us at www.olivetreeweddings.com

How do you thank someone who risks their life to care for others? How do you show appreciation for those who do all the unpleasant jobs that make our cities clean and enjoyable? How do you show gratitude to individuals who daily work to help those in crisis?

Our Blessing Bags are filled with items to help those hardworking heroes feel appreciated after a long day’s work. Each bag contains at least seven items geared towards relaxation and indulgence.* We currently hand deliver bags within the Raleigh/Durham area, but can ship nationwide to share this gift with the place YOU choose. Have an idea of who needs a blessing? Visit our Request Bags page to find out more!

*In these times of uncertainty we sanitize regularly and wipe down items to ensure only clean, safe items go in our bags. All items are new and unopened to ensure recipients’ safety.